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Nature`s Sparsh Premium Gulab Jal

Nature`s Sparsh Premium Gulab Jal : 100 ml + 20 ml (free)

Nature`s Sparsh premium gulab jal (rose water) is the natural extract of fresh rose petals.This gulab jal gives moisture to the skin. Makes skin soft, supple and leaving you with a radiant glow and fresh all day long like a Rose.

Directions for use :

  • Spray on face, neck and anywhere else your skin needs replenishment and hydration but avoiding the eyes area and wipe your face with cotton pad. Or spray on to a cotton ball and wipe your face.

Ingredients :

  • Ingredients :  Rosa centifolia extract (Rose) , Rosa centifolia oil , Glycerin

For more benefits to be used as : -

  • Use with cotton daily for cleansed, glowing & refreshing skin.
  • Use with face pack or uptan for extra radiance glow.
  • Use with glycerin for soft skin & lips.